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Nov 26, 2012 5:30pm PST
american who pays taxes, has a mortgage or -- has to manage their own money, and that is every american. tonight, while shopping is a big story, along with the surprising amount americans are spending the bigger story is the fact that some very tough choices are coming, and it is the folks in washington who are going to decide for everyone. we have it all covered tonight, beginning with our chief white house correspondent, chuck todd, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, leaders in wall street and washington have been warning for weeks of a possibility of an economic downturn if they don't avert what we have been calling the fiscal cliff. and yet the consumers we have been talking about are not acting very worried. trying to capitalize on the strong holiday shopping season, the president warned that the economy will spiral downward if it is not addressed. >> i think it is a reason that retailers are so concerned. that congress has not yet extended the middle class tax cuts. >> reporter: the report also estimates that consumer spending could drop by $200 billion by 2013. 31st, there
Nov 25, 2012 3:30pm PST
americans will face half a trillion more in taxes next year coupled with a hundred billion dollars in cuts to domestic and defense spending. since the reagan era most republicans have day caretaken promising they won't raise taxes. mike viqueira says there may be flexibility on both sides of the aisles. >> reporter: it's a pledge almost all republicans have signed to oppose tax increases of any kind. today shit was showing cracks. >> the world has changed and the economic situation is different. >> reporter: republicans insist in return for defying part doctrine they must have changes in social security and medicare. >> i will sign only if they undo entitlement reform. >> reporter: be president has put them on the table before. during last year's failed talks on a grand bargain and more recently in his first post election press conference. >> we have to continue to take a serious look at how we reform our entitlements because health care costs continue to be the biggest driver of our deficits. >> reporter: mr. obama has insisted tax rates must rise. today a top democrat signalled openness
Nov 20, 2012 5:30pm PST
, last year. elmo has been a big part of the lucrative merchandising of sesame street. according to tax filings, royalties brought in nearly $45 million in 2009. >> whenever there's an attack on a much loved brand, there's a lot of outpouring of support as a result, almost as if the public is lining up behind the brand saying, hey, we're with you. >> reporter: for clash, it's the end of a storied career with a show he described lovingly just months ago. >> i think it's so wonderful to be part of a show that really starts a child, helps with the parent. >> reporter: today in a statement, clash said he was resigning with a very heavy heart. and hopes to resolve these personal matters privately. in the meantime, sesame street says production of its 43rd season will not be affected. chris jansing, nbc news, new york. >>> there are late new developments tonight in the house explosion in indianapolis that left two people in a neighboring house dead, and the entire neighborhood area in ruins. law enforcement sources told the indianapolis star they believe gas was intentionally released into th
Nov 21, 2012 5:30pm PST
has her at the breaking point. >> now the borough wants the property taxes, and i have to pay homeowner's insurance and flood insurance. >> reporter: and she is determined her family will never go through this again. anne thompson, nbc news. sayreville, new jersey. >>> up next, he shoots, scores, over and over and over. the kid who didn't just break a record? he shattered it. >>> well, you can bet this will be a topic of conversation around a few thanksgiving dinner tables tomorrow. a 5'10" sophomore from iowa just re-wrote the ncaa basketball record books, scoring a huge 138 points in just one game. here is nbc's thanh truong. >> reporter: jack taylor's shots were not fancy, just frequent, in a 40-minute game, the sophomore point guard scored a record ncaa record, 138 points. >> i can't really put it in words, i was just in a zone. >> reporter: taylor took one shot every 20 seconds, compare it to the late chamberlain, when he set the nba record of 100 points in 1962. >> i hit several in a row, i knew something was special. >> reporter: unlike the 7 foot chamberlain, taylor sc
Nov 24, 2012 5:30pm PST
, before taxes of course. leading up to tonight's bonanza, there have been 14 consecutive drawings with no jackpot winner. your chances of picking five numbers and the powerball, 1 in 175 million, but hey, it is possible. a couple from iowa did hit the jackpot at $202 million back in september. so you do have a chance here. and by the way, kate, i do have my ticket and you have a couple hours, a few hours left to get yours. >> you'll share that with all of us, i'm sure, thank you. >>> and we wanted to update you on a story we first told you last night, a reason to celebrate for folks in one of the area's hardest hit by the monster storm sandy, breezy point in queens. last night, kristen diffindale and james keane said their i dos. they were busy planning their i wedding when the storm hit. their house was flooded. the church where they were supposed to get married was turned into a command center. they nearly postponed the whole thing but in the end as you can see they decided to go ahead to give their friends and family a much needed reason to smile, and our big congratulations to
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5